The holidays are here!  That means holiday parties, family gatherings, and LOTS of food and drinks.  So, how do you enjoy it without going overboard?  Nearly everyone gains weight during the off-season, especially during the holidays.  It’s ok to relax a little and treat yourself.  BUT you don’t want to put on 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s!  So, how do you get around this and still enjoy life?

  • Keep training! You don’t have to be on a rigid schedule but go for a short run before you indulge in that holiday dinner.
  • Drink A LOT of water! This helps you to feel full so you won’t eat as much of the junk!
  • Limit yourself to 1 or 2 glasses of wine/beer/etc. at each celebration! There are a lot of empty calories in drinks; people tend to forget about these since they aren’t “foods.”
  • Fill your plate with lots of colors! Fill up on bright colored fruits and vegetables, not dessert!
  • Allow yourself some dessert but limit it to one piece of pie, one cookie, etc. No one says you can’t have dessert, just practice moderation!
  • Eat until you are comfortable. Don’t stuff yourself! You shouldn’t have to put on bigger pants to enjoy your holiday meals!
  • Substitute creamy, buttery, sugary treats for those lower in sugar, fat, etc. There are healthy fats in some desserts but many of the typical holiday treats are very high in sugar. Try low sugar or sugar substitutes instead (although some of these are bad for you too).

ENJOY time with your family and friends but don’t spend your holidays sitting on the couch indulging!  Get the whole family involved by going for an after-dinner walk, walking the dogs, etc!


Jenni Plane is an Ironman Certified Coach and celebrates her holidays in the Midwest with her family.  For more tips from Jenni, reach out to her here.
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