Coach Jenni

Jenni Plane, PhD
Ironman Certified Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, US Masters Swim Coach, CPR Certified

My Journey
I’ve always loved sports and the challenge of seeing how much faster I could go. I started swimming competitively at age 7 and continued through college.  During my swimming off-seasons, for fun, I ran track. I always loved training and racing in both sports and pushing my mind and body to new levels.

After college, I focused more on challenging my mind. I went to graduate school at University of Michigan and earned my PhD in Neuroscience. During that time, I missed the physical challenges of racing so I decided to challenge myself with a triathlon. My first triathlon was very challenging for me, but I finished it and after I was done, I couldn’t wait till the next one! I was hooked!  After I finished grad school, I continued my career as a research scientist and taught science and health classes at University of Phoenix.  I began to focus more of my time and energy on my triathlon training and racing.  My passion for the sport grew tremendously. I took on my first Ironman and felt completely empowered by the challenges, the journey, and the accomplishment of finishing!

I loved the sport so much that I made a dramatic life change and left my science career behind so that I could start my triathlon coaching business, Train With Dr. Jenni.  Along with coaching in the sport, I also committed myself to fulfill a personal dream of becoming a professional athlete. After putting in the time and hard work necessary to really challenge my mind and body, I achieved my goal and qualified to become a Pro Triathlete by winning the Pacific Grove Olympic Triathlon. I spent three years racing as a Pro, focused primarily on half and full Ironmans. What I learned from the other pros and that competitive experience, helped shape me not only as an athlete, but also as a coach.

I not only coach triathletes, but I also work as a personal trainer and train master’s athletes and former athletes looking to get back into shape. I am very passionate about helping others to lead a healthy lifestyle and connecting with my clients. For me personally, I love the challenge and reward of pushing my mind and body to the limits, and seeing how far I can really go.  I have also learned to be more connected and mindful of my body’s needs as I get older.  My own drive as well as learning how to get the most out of my body without injuring it spills into my coaching. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my clients gain confidence and become aware of their own ability to achieve something they never imagined themselves doing.

My Coaching Philosophy
I believe in the power of positive thinking.  The mind is a powerful tool and if you think positively, good things will happen. I truly believe that combining this philosophy with hard work, dedication, and a well-thought out plan are what you need to achieve your biggest goals. I use this mentality combined with my experiences as a pro triathlete and personal trainer to push my athletes beyond their limitations.

My motto is “the body achieves what the mind believes.” Quite simply, if you believe you can do it, you can. If you believe you can’t, you won’t.  I’ve discovered that through encouragement and my own belief in a client’s abilities, they begin to believe and often achieve things they did not know they were capable of doing. I enjoy seeing my clients push themselves to new levels and helping them reconnect with their inner athlete or resume their athletic endeavors after a long hiatus. I love sharing my passion for a healthy lifestyle and helping others to make similar lifestyle changes.

For most people, becoming a triathlete or endurance runner requires lifestyle changes as well as mental fortitude. I help my clients to embrace these challenges and guide them through the training process so they are well-prepared for race day. In short, I help athletes to realize their full potential through utilizing proper preparation with smart training and recovery, finding life balance, and confidence building.

Jenni’s Rates
Start-up Fee    $ 125
Monthly           $ 200
3-Months         $ 590
6-Months         $ 1,175 
9-Months         $ 1,755 
12-Months       $ 2,330
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