Group Training

Total Intensity Sports has been organizing the best group triathlon training sessions in Sacramento for over fifteen years. There are several options for whatever your ability level might be. We hold year round group training sessions as well as 70.3/140.6 sessions for long course athletes. We have the workout to challenge you and help take you to a higher level.

Check out the details on our group sessions below and join us!!

Group Training Overview
Our comprehensive triathlon group program runs year round and includes swim sessions, track workouts, bike time trials and brick workouts which will prepare you to handle Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman distance triathlons.

Each workout is organized so that regardless of your ability, level or goals, you will be challenged but won’t feel like you are holding up the group. Workouts are kept fun and different to keep you from getting bored with the same old routine.

Training Sites:
.     • American River Bike Trail
.     • El Camino High School
.     • El Dorado Hills/Folsom/Sierra Foothills
.     • Natomas Racquet Club (membership NOT required)

JOIN US AT OUR NEXT WORKOUT! Sign up for the group by emailing ( here!

We Train Year-Round!

Spring/Summer Schedule
.     • Open Water Swims (Mon)
.     • Track Workouts (Tue)
.     • Time Trials (Thu)
.     • Brick Workouts (Sat)
.     • Benchmark Bike & Run Sessions (Sat)

Fall/Winter Schedule
.     • Swim Clinics (Mon)
.     • Strength Training Sessions (Mon)
.     • Spin Classes (Tue)
.     • Power/Spin Strength Sessions (Thu)
.     • Brick Workouts (Sat)

Group Rates:
Swim Clinics (Nov – Apr)
.     10 Sessions, $125        4 Sessions, $70            Single Sessions, $20
Spin Sessions (Nov – Mar)
.     All 19 Sessions, $320   4 Sessions, $70            Single Sessions, $20
Track Sessions (Apr – Sep)
.     All 25 Sessions, $320   4 Sessions, $70            Single Sessions, $20
Saturday Sessions (Jan – Dec)
.     Single Sessions, $20    4 Sessions, $70            3 Months, Unlimited $200
Unlimited Monthly Sessions – All Workout Sessions
.     Monthly, $130            3 Months, $350

Questions: If you have questions about the group training email ( here!

70.3/140.6 Sessions
If you have a long course event on your race calendar this season, these sessions are for you!

Total Intensity Sports’ 70.3/140.6 Sessions are specifically designed for triathletes who are training for long course events – Half or Full Ironman. These sessions are ALL over 4 hours in length and include a mix of open water swimming, endurance biking and running. We always emphasize and include coaching on proper nutrition and hydration.

Sessions are on Saturdays or Sundays and are at locations in and around Sacramento as well as other areas of Northern California. Join us for as many 70.3/140.6 Sessions as you can! If you have questions or want to sign up for our 70.3/140.6 Sessions, email us ( here!