Tom Murphy

Triathlon Coach, Retired USAF Veteran, 14-time Ironman Finisher, USAT All-American Triathlete, Ironman Gold All World Athlete

Tom has competed in multisport events since 2003. The rigors and lifestyle of being a military pilot had taken their toll and he wanted to develop a way of life that promoted being healthy. Even though he had competed in all three disciplines separately, he had always wanted to try triathlon after watching a telecast of Ironman Hawaii. So, in April 2003, he toed the start for the Icebreaker Triathlon and hasn’t looked back.

Tom first coached for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in training program. He succeeded in getting 12 brand new triathletes to the finish line of Pacific Grove in Monterey – a race which included daunting open water ocean swim. As a coach, Tom achieves his greatest satisfaction helping people overcome their fears and self-doubt. Triathlon naturally pushes people to accomplish the seemingly impossible while also developing habits and discipline that can be used throughout their daily lives. “It’s great to see the “light” go on as people realize that YES, I can do this!”

Tom has been a full-time ironman triathlete since 2006, completing 14 IM and over 20 1/2 IM races in that span. He believes that there are no shortcuts in training – great results are the culmination of hard work and consistency. He has an excellent working knowledge of all aspects of the sport and keeps up to date on the latest trends in triathlon training.

Personal Achievements:
     • 3x USAT All American in Triathlon
     • 4x USAT All American Honorable Mention in Triathlon
     • 3x Ironman All World Athlete (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
     • 14x Ironman Finisher – Florida, Louisville (2), Coeur D’Alene, Arizona (2), Lake Placid,
               Canada (4), Texas, Vineman, Ironman World Championships
     • 50+ Multisport Race Finishes

Tom first became involved with Total Intensity Sports as an athlete. He contacted John after he had signed up for his 1st IM. Unfamiliar with training for long distance triathlons, he was attracted to John’s mantra “When was the last time you did something for the first time”. John’s guidance steered Tom through the minefield of that 1st year of IM training culminating in a successful finish at IM Florida. Tom feels that Total Intensity Sports attracts all levels of athletes that believe in one thing – anything is possible. “Over the years this great group of people has never ceased to amaze me and have helped me stay motivated on my own triathlon journey. I look forward to giving back through coaching and helping folks on their own journey.”

Tom’s favorite pastimes, when not training or coaching, include spending time with family, golf, travel, good wine and great food.