We are extremely proud of each of our athletes and continually try to recognize their hard work and dedication to their training. Our athletes train hard for events at all distances – Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Ironman. Their results are proof that they are not only training harder, but training smarter.
Here are a few of our athletes and their recent race results.

TIS Athletes Finish Strong at Urban Cow Half-Marathon and Naptown Half-Ironman
October 5, 2017
Locally, we had three athletes race at the Urban Cow Half-Marathon. Augustine Torres led the way for TIS, finishing 10th in his age-group with a time of 1:39:13. Coach Tom Murphy crossed the line next in a time of 1:44:03. Oliver Isidro followed close behind running a 1:46:21 half-marathon. Rusty Jones rounded out the day with a 1:48:01 finish.  Augustine’s next race is Ironman Arizona while Coach Tom, Oliver, and Rusty are all preparing for CIM.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, Grant Anderson raced in his eighth half-ironman event, the Naptown Tri.  He raced strong all day, going 38:50 in the swim, 3:03 on the bike and 3:03 on the run.  He finished in 6:54:53, good for 2nd place in his division. 

Great job guys!!

Mary Swimley joins the 70.3 Finisher’s Club
September 28, 2017
Mary Swimley competed at Ironman 70.3 Superfrog in Imperial Beach, CA on September 24.  This was Mary’s first time racing at this distance.  She did the 1.2 mile ocean swim in 41:54, followed by a 3:40:48 bike split in the multi-loop 56 mile bike course.  The 13.1 mile run course was mostly on soft sand, adding challenge to the final leg of this race.  She covered this is 3:25:37, giving her a final time of 8:01:50, good for 14th place in her age group.  Way to go Mary, you are a 70.3 Superfrog!!!

Shugarts Race Strong in Malibu, Murphy Runs with Buffalos
September 17, 2017
The Shugart family headed south this past weekend and raced as a family in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon.  Janey Shugart has been racking up a lot of podium finishes this season and she got there again with a 5th place finish in her age group and a time of 3.36.49.  Steve Shugart jumped back into triathlon training for this late season race and had a strong day, placing 9th in his age group and finishing in 2.44.19.  Also racing in Malibu was one of the Shugart daughters, Brittany Shiba, and her husband Travis – crossing the finish line in 3.41.47 and 2.56.17.  Way to go guys!!

Back in Sacramento, Coach Tom Murphy competed in the Buffalo Stampede as a training race along the way to CIM.  Tom ran strong and finished the 10-miler in 1.19.07, averaging 7:55/mile.  Well done, Murph!

Total Intensity Athletes Race Across the US with Great Results
Ironman Wisconsin/Best in the West – NW Regional Long Course Championships/Santa Cruz 70.3
September 13, 2017
In Madison this past weekend, Todd Gifford of Cedar Rapids, Iowa was representing Total Intensity Sports at Ironman Wisconsin.  It was Todd’s first attempt at the Ironman distance after only two 70.3s.  While the bike leg was definitely his weakest, he still wanted to take on one of the toughest, if not the toughest bike courses on the Ironman circuit.  Todd had a solid swim, 1:30 and rode strong throughout the bike leg, achieving a negative split and getting out of T2 just before the cutoff.  Once on the run, Todd took care of business, ran the entire marathon and logged another negative split for the run course – finishing the run in 5:24 for a total time of 16.04.53 and became an Ironman!  Way to get it done Todd!!

Steve Reynolds went to Oregon to compete in the Best in the West Half Ironman, which was the USAT Northwest Long Course Regional Championship.  This was Steve’s second time racing at the Best in the West.  Steve made some dramatic improvements on his 2016 race times.  While his swim split was a slight improvement, he managed to go over 12 minutes faster on the bike and 20 minutes faster on the run – breaking the half-ironman personal best he set just six weeks earlier in Canada.  His finish time of 5.55.07 and winning his age group by over 17 minutes!  Congrats on winning the Northwest Long Course Championship Steve!

Meanwhile, back in California at the Santa Cruz 70.3, Jason Gardner and Mark Lee were taking on another half-ironman. Unfortunately, the swim was cut a bit short.  Due to heavy fog on race morning, the race start was delayed and ultimately race officials cut the swim distance in half before they were able to get the race started safely. Mark and Jason both had strong swims, coming out of the water within a second of each other, going 15:53 and 15:54, respectively. After the long run to the transition area, they both took off on the bike and crushed the 56-mile bike course with huge PRs going 2:45.07 (Mark) and 2:53.54 (Jason).  Mark battled leg cramps on the run but still finished strong with an impressive run split of 1:54:58 and a final time of 5:04:57, putting him in the top quarter of his age group.  Jason had a 4-minute PR on the run course, going 2:20.21 and finishing the race with a total time of 5:43:34. Jason and Mark both had huge PRs on the day and finished off their triathlon season with a bang.  Great job guys!!

Mounkes Races Strong in Oakland Triathlon Festival
August 29, 2017
Only a few weeks after setting a personal best in Folsom, Kevin Mounkes went to Oakland this past weekend to race the Olympic Tri at the Oakland Triathlon Festival.  While he wasn’t able to top his time in Folsom, this course had its own challenges including a tough set of stairs on the run course.  Kevin swam a really strong 27:40 in the 1500m swim, followed it up with an 18-mph average pace on the 40K bike course, and then ran an 11:30 paced 10K to finish it off and log a final time of 3:11:11.  Nice work Kevin!

Total Intensity Races Local – Folsom Triathlons
August 8, 2017
Total Intensity Sports showed up in Folsom with a strong contingent, ready to tackle the Sprint and Olympic Triathlons.  John Pfeifer and Janey Shugart raced in the sprint tri and both finished on the podium. John took 3rd place in the 55-59 age group with a 9 minute course PR!  Janey won the 60-64 age group by nearly 15 minutes and putting her on the podium for the third time this season!  Way to go John and Janey!

In the Olympic Tri, Augustine Torres took 2nd in his age group with a strong performance just one week after racing IM Canada!  Coach Jenni and Coach John also raced the Olympic Tri only one week after Canada.  Coach Jenni finished as the 6th female overall while Coach John finished 7th in his age group with his best Olympic Tri in a decade!  Kevin Mounkes had a great performance, breaking 3 hours for the first time and setting a PR of 2:59:30. Way to go Kevin!!  Mark Lee, Brian Weston, and Jason Gardner had some technical difficulties on the day but all overcame their mishaps to finish strong and get another race under their belt in preparation for their upcoming Santa Cruz 70.3.  Way to go guys!

Total Intensity Athletes Go Long in Santa Rosa and Canada
July 31, 2017
This past weekend was a big one for Total Intensity Sports. First up, on Saturday, Kim Dinh and Rusty Jones finished their first ever Ironman races in Santa Rosa, California. Both paced well all day long and had strong finishes.  Rusty was 6th out of the water in his age group with a blistering 57 minute swim and continued on to finish the day with a time of 12:44:55. Kim matched his pacing from the Santa Rosa 70.3 earlier this year and raced strong all day long, finishing in just under 14 hours, with a time of 13:59:49. Welcome to the Ironman Finisher’s Club Kim and Rusty!

The next day, at our annual destination race, we had a big group racing in Whistler, Canada at Ironman Canada and Canada 70.3. In the Ironman, Augustine Torres had a strong performance, starting the day with a swim PR of 1:14:58. He raced strong and steady all day to finish in 12:22.51, good for 24th place in his age group. This was Augustine’s 8th Ironman finish! Coach Jenni started the day with a strong swim as well, going 30 seconds faster than last time she raced there, coming out of the water in 1:02:21.  She struggled at the end of the bike and on the run course with GI issues, but overcame them and made it to the finish line in 15:19:13, for her 7th IM finish.

In the 70.3, Mark Holm and Steve Reynolds raced strong and crossed the finish line together!  Steve set a new 70.3 distance personal best, breaking 6 hours for the first time and finishing 5th in his age group with a 5:57:36. Mark finished in 6:02.51 on this challenging course. Tom Merala and Teresa Campos were the next TIS finishers, coming in at 7:15:38 and 7:43:09, respectively. Michael Retzlaff and Dan Linsley pushed each other all the way to the finish line, finishing in 8:33:10 and 8:34:28, respectively.  Nice work TIS!!

Weston Flies at Tri For Fun
July 17, 2017
Brian Weston competed in the Sprint distance Tri for Fun at Rancho Seco this past weekend.  Due to unsafe water conditions, this race turned into a duathlon.  Brian crushed the field in his age group, winning the 40-44 age group by 8 minutes with a time of 1:12:16.  He also finished third overall, beating out 4th place by one second.  Way to go Brian!

Strong Showings in the California Triathlons
June 26, 2017 
We had three athletes competing at the California Triathlons in Pleasanton this weekend; Masoud Mirmomeni raced the sprint distance while Mary Swimley and Brian Weston took on the Olympic distance. Masoud recorded a new bike pace PR while also putting together a solid swim and run to finish in 1:31:30, earning him 21st place in his age group.  Mary raced well, overcoming mechanical issues on the bike that left her stranded on the side of the road for about 20 minutes.  She was finally able to get her bike fixed and managed to finish the race in 3:58:40, which was still good for 12th place in her age group. 

Meanwhile, Brian conquered his first ever triathlon, covering the Olympic distance course in a fast 2:36:36, highlighted by a 1:10 bike split and 45 minute run, both in the top ten splits in his age group, putting him at 17th place in his age group. Brian can officially call himself a triathlete now!  Great job Masoud, Mary, and Brian!!

Torres and Shugart Get on Podium at June Tri-for-Real; Gifford Races in Wisconsin 70.3
June 13, 2017
Augustine Torres and Janey Shugart tested out the waters at Rancho Seco this past weekend at the local long-running Tri-for-Real.  Both raced well and strong enough to get into the top spots in their age group.  Janey finished in 3:37 and placed second in her age group, her second podium spot this year, while Augustine crossed the line just under 2:24 as he was able to hold off his closest age-group rival by about 25 seconds.  Well done Augustine and Janey!!

Also racing on Sunday was Todd Gifford, who completed the inaugural Wisconsin 70.3 in Madison.  This was formerly known as the Milkman Triathlon and is a prep-race for the full Ironman in Madison in September.  Heat and wind added to the challenge of the half-ironman, as  winds were consistently between 10-15 mph and temps reached into the upper 80s on the run. Todd was able to set a personal best in a half ironman with huge PRs on his swim and run with a time of 7:42.  Great job Todd!

TIS Athletes Take On Challenge at the Auburn Tris 
May 22, 2017
Mary Swimley raced the Auburn International Triathlon this past weekend while Augustine Torres raced the World’s Toughest Half.  Both successfully took on the challenging terrain and relentless hills to reach the finish line.  Augustine finished 4th in his age group while Mary placed 6th in her age group – way to get it done Mary and Augustine!!

Santa Rosa 70.3 and Mother’s Day Tri
May 15, 2017
We were very proud to have a total of eight athletes compete at Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa.  It was the first time the new course was used and all of our athletes had amazing days.  70.3 first-timers Kathleen Rougeux (7:24:56), Jason Gardner (6:27:44), Kim Dinh (6:26:56), and John Pfeifer (6:08:32) put together solid performances and strong finishes at their first half-ironman event.  Mark Holm overcame a nagging calf injury to set a new PR, finishing in 5:41:34 while Oliver Isidro narrowly missed his PR, finishing in 5:33:35. Manny Varela and Teresa Campos also had strong performances on this new course, finishing in 7:22:33 and 7:18:51, respectively.  Great job everyone!!

Also competing this weekend in the local Mother’s Day Sprint Tri was Janey Shugart.  Janey has used this event as the start of her tri season for several years now and this year was no exception.  Janey raced her best on this course – setting another personal best in a time of 1.01.09.  Janey’s time was better than all the other women in her age group, which got her the top podium spot for the day.  Way to go Janey!!

Big Sur’s Hills No Match for Dinh!
April 30, 2017
Kim Dinh raced the Big Sur Marathon for the first time this weekend.  Despite his focus on triathlon rather than marathon-specific training, Kim had a strong day on this hilly course. Kim was able to log a huge negative split, going 2:16 for the first half of the race and finishing with a total time of 4:18.09. Kim is definitely looking strong for his upcoming 70.3 and full-Ironman events in Santa Rosa later this summer.  Way to go Kim!!

PRs Continue at Local Runs and Early Season Tris
April 10, 2017
Mark Lee kicked off the tri racing season at Ironman Oceanside 70.3 last weekend. Mark put together a solid day starting with a 40:30 ocean swim, a 2:55 bike split, and steadily moved up the ranks with a 1:47 run split. He crossed the finish line in 5:40:26, putting him in the top ¼ of his age group, and more importantly, a huge personal best by 30 minutes!  Great job Mark!!

Also last weekend, David Shira and Masoud Mirmomeni both raced the half-marathon at Running of the Elk in Elk Grove.  After missing some training time from illness, David came back strong to run a 2:12:56 half-marathon, putting him 12th in his age group.  Masoud ran his first ever half-marathon at this race one year ago and came back this year to run it 21 minutes faster!! He finished 15th in his age group with a great time of 2:25:10 for the day.  Way to go Masoud and David!!

This past weekend in Napa, TIS had a couple athletes race at the chilly HITS triathlon.  Despite the cold, windy, wet day on Saturday, Alex De Moraes finished his first ever half-ironman distance (and first ever triathlon!!) in 8:28:28. Now he can officially call himself a triathlete – welcome to the club Alex! Kevin Mounkes raced the olympic distance on Sunday, which had clearer skies but was still quite chilly.  Kevin rebounded from a few illnesses this spring and put together a very even race and finished in 3:42:21. Great job Alex and Kevin!!

Great TIS Results in South Bay and Shamrock’n!
March 13, 2017
Masoud Mirmomeni completed his first Olympic Duathlon at the South Bay Duathlon, which consisted of a challenging 10K run/40K bike/5K run.  He finished in 10th place in his age group in a time of 3.22.45.  He is still very new to du/triathlon and was excited to get this distance under his belt for the first time.  Great job Masoud!

Meanwhile in West Sacramento, Augustine Torres and Mary Swimley raced the Shamrock’n Half Marathon. Augustine had a race PR of 1.36.24 and placed 5th in his age group.  Mary ran it in 2.34.59, finishing exactly in the middle of her age group and posting her best run pace to date.  Way to go Augustine and Mary!!

Tiny Smiles Race Results
February 12, 2017
We had four team members race at the Tiny Smiles races in Galt yesterday!  It was the first race of the year for everyone. Catalina Cespedes raced the 5K and had a top 10 finish in her age group, placing 8th. Masoud Mirmomeni competed in the 10K event and took 2nd in his age group. Brent and Jen Shelton ran the half-marathon together and placed 3rd and 10th in their age groups, respectively.  Great job to both of these couples, who, by the way are also expectant parents!!  Safe to say that Catalina and Jen won the “pregnant women” category in their races!!