Local Team Olympic Event
Folsom Olympic, August 5, 2018

While many triathletes get focused on the long course events, the foundation and heart of the sport are the locally run triathlons.  A couple of Sacramento’s best local races are the Folsom Triathlons.  The Folsom Triathlons are held at the ideal venue for triathlon, Lake Natoma.  This is our back yard and home of our open water swims and many of our weekend workouts.

While the swim is held in Lake Natoma, the bike takes you through some small rolling hills but mostly flat terrain south of Highway 50 and into Rancho Cordova.  The run returns you to one of the best running trails in Sacramento, running parallel to the shore of Lake Natoma.  All in all, a great race course!

First-time Triathletes
If you’re new to triathlon or have been thinking about giving it a shot, this your perfect opportunity!! Our experienced coaches have the training plan to get you ready for race day as well as group sessions to train with others and build up to the race day distances.  We’ll also go through all of the “little things” involved in a triathlon – prepping for swimming in open water with other swimmers, setting up your transition, hydration and fueling needs and all the other details you may not have thought about.

For those more experienced triathletes who want make time improvements from your last race, our speed development sessions will definitely do the trick. So, if you’re looking for a fun group to train with, and a local race to challenge yourself with, put this race on your 2018 calendar and train with us!  Our training program is an all-encompassing program preparing you for race day.  You’ll get a one-on-one individual start-up meeting with your coach along with periodic check-ins with your coach along the way.  We will also have special group talks on training and race-day nutrition, strength training for triathlon, pacing and race-day preparation.

Training Kick Off – March 1st

If you have questions, or you want to jump into the training program sometime after the kick off date, just contact us!!

Cost of registration not included, but we do have race discounts available!

THREE Training Options!

Silver Training, $110/month, includes
●  Standard training plan using TrainingPeaks
●  One-on-one kickoff meeting with your coach
●  Bimonthly one-on-one check-ins with your coach
●  Training and race-day nutrition coaching
●  Complete strength training program
●  Total Intensity Sports Sponsor discounts
●  TIS SWAG – water bottles, swim caps, t-shirts, etc.
●  $0 new athlete start up fee (typically $125)
●  $5/month off for pre-paying 3 months
●  $10/month off for pre-paying 5-months

Silver Plan

Gold Training, $150/month, includes
●  Everything included in Silver Training Level PLUS
●  Unlimited group training sessions

Gold Plan

Platinum Training, $200/month, includes
●  Everything included in Gold Training Level PLUS
●  Personalized training plan using TrainingPeaks

Platinum Plan