Programs and Packages

Total Intensity Sports has been organizing the best group triathlon training sessions in Sacramento for over fifteen years. All of our group sessions are always led by experienced, certified triathlon coaches.  Here is more information on our upcoming training programs.

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High Intensity Winter Cycle Training
Tuesday Nights, 7-8:30pm
Oct 31st – Mar 22nd
These 90-minute sessions are fantastic for building your cycling strength and stamina.  While they are done on indoor spin bikes, these high intensity workouts simulate outdoor riding such as time trial efforts, hill climbing, peloton riding with attacks and other techniques.  If you want to improve your cycling in the off-season, this is your workout!

Length: 90 minutes
Rates: Single Session, $20; Monthly Rate, $70; 

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Swim Clinic Sessions
Monday Nights, 7-8pm
2017: Nov 6th/20th, Dec 4th
2018: Jan 8th/22nd, Feb 5th/19th, Mar 5th/19th

This is the perfect chance for you to have a Masters Swim Coach take a look at your stroke and give you personalized attention.  These sessions are a mix of drills and sets, with a strong emphasis on improving your technique.  You may not be getting a lot of individual attention in your normal swim workouts, but you will get it in our sessions.
Length: 60 minutes
Rates: Single Session, $20; No monthly rate.

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Run Technique and Speed Sessions
Tuesday Nights, 6-7pm
2018: Apr 3rd – Sep 25th
These coached sessions start out with a good warm up and active strength and stretching routine.  After the warm up, you will be given specific speed targets to hit in the workout of the day.  These targets are based on the results of YOUR individual run assessment, so they will be challenging for you, but not out of reach.  Each runner is given their own targets to hit during the workout.

Workout of the day typically includes distances ranging from 300m to 1,600m, but occasionally will go longer.  Throughout each workout, your coaches will watch your running technique and give you pointers on how to become a more efficient and faster runner.
Length: Approx 60 minutes
Rates: Single Session, $20; Monthly Rate, $70

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Coming Soon:
Swim Technique Video Analysis with Coach Jenni Plane
Santa Rosa Ironman Training Camp, Spring 2018

Olympic Distance Training Program, Summer 2018
California International Marathon Training Program, Fall 2018