Total Intensity Sports

We take Athletes to a Higher Level.

Everyone has goals they are targeting. Goals should always challenge us to achieve something greater than what we can do today. After all, what makes a goal rewarding is the journey it takes us on – the tougher the goal, the more satisfaction there is to achieve it. We are here to help you reach your biggest goals and will help you every step of the way - guiding, challenging and motivating you! We know that the body achieves what the mind believes!

Total Intensity Sports helps both new and experienced athletes achieve higher levels of fitness. We have been doing it for almost two decades by combining personalized coaching with outstanding group training.  If you’re looking for a great group of people to train with, who are led by experienced coaches who love helping their athletes reach […]

Total Intensity Sports has been organizing the best group triathlon training sessions in Sacramento for over fifteen years. Our comprehensive triathlon group training runs throughout the entire year and includes everything you need to prepare for a triathlon.  All of our group sessions are always led by experienced, certified triathlon coaches.  We combine our swim, […]

We are extremely proud of each of our athletes and continually try to recognize their hard work and dedication to their training. Our athletes train hard for events at all distances – Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Ironman. Their results are proof that they are not only training harder, but training smarter. Here are a […]

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