Coach John

John Pottebaum
Ironman® Certified Coach, USA Triathlon Certified Level I Coach, ACE Certified Group Instructor, CPR Certified

Seek Out Challenges and Take Them On
Triathlon started in the early 1970s, but it went to a whole new level in 1978 when a debate was started about who was the toughest athlete – the swimmer, the cyclist or the runner. In order to determine the answer to that debate, the Ironman was created.  Now, it’s considered the ultimate endurance event in the world. Today, we have triathlons of all distances which test athletes in different ways. For me, the heart and soul of our sport is the challenge of the three disciplines and each athlete having to answer the questions “Can I actually do this? Am I strong enough to finish?”. It is all about setting challenging goals for ourselves, testing ourselves, working hard and overcoming whatever obstacles we find along the way. John Pottebaum, Ironman Certified Coach, USA Triathlon Certified Level I Coach, Sacramento Triathlon Coach
My Journey
I started in the multi-sport lifestyle over 25 years ago. I started out doing run-bike-run events (formerly called ‘biathlons’ back in the day) to keep myself in shape. Probably more importantly though, they were a means to test and push myself. Within a few years, even though I couldn’t really swim, I decided it was time to really step up and do a triathlon. While duathlons continued to test my abilities, triathlons added a whole new dimension and degree of difficulty because I had no experience as a swimmer. I quickly got hooked, embraced the challenge, and began searching out different events I could do.

There were a couple of years when I was traveling most weekends of the summer from state to state seeking out triathlons. In a span of two race seasons, I completed over 40 events in over a dozen states. I fell in love with the sport, loved the challenges it presented to me, and became addicted to the feeling of accomplishment that came with reaching the finish line. In 2000, I turned my passion for triathlon into my livelihood, left Corporate America, founded Total Intensity Sports, and started coaching triathletes for a living.

Preparation is the Key
How do you best prepare yourself for the rigors of race day? My approach is straight forward: Create similar, if not harder, demands on yourself in your training. I train my beginner athletes to be, and feel, completely prepared on race morning. They become completely confident that they are going to be able to complete the distance they are tackling because they have basically done it already in training. They KNOW they are going to finish and they are ready to enjoy their race day. My more seasoned athletes are prepared to race and compete. Throughout their training, they test and fine-tune the plan and strategy they want to execute on the race course. Once they reach race day, they know that if they simply execute their plan, good things will happen and the numbers, their finishing time, will take care of itself.

Legends get rewarded in public for what they did for years
in the dark when no one was watching.

Physically prepared, mentally strong, whatever their ability level, after weeks and months of consistent training and hard work, my athletes are ready to get it done on race day! If you want to be completely ready for your next important event… let’s get started.

John’s Rates
Start-up Fee    $ 125

Monthly           $ 225
3-Months         $ 665
6-Months         $ 1,325
9-Months         $ 1,980
12-Months       $ 2,630
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