Total Intensity Sports helps both new and experienced athletes achieve higher levels of fitness. We have been doing it for almost two decades by combining personalized coaching with outstanding group training.  If you’re looking for a great group of people to train with, who are led by experienced coaches who love helping their athletes reach their goals, check us out!

Our athletes love to have fun and love to challenge themselves. They frequently comment and joke about the “love/hate” feelings they have for the toughest group workouts – track workouts, bike time trials, spin sessions. While the workouts are tough and challenging, our athletes love the feeling they get from them, not to mention their coaches and people they train with!

Our coaches have a tremendous amount of experience and have been actively involved in the sport for decades – not just coaching, but as triathletes themselves.  They’ve raced in literally hundreds of triathlons at all distances, and are all still currently competing. They also have a vast amount of coaching experience – helping hundreds of athletes to finishes at all distances, including over a hundred Ironman finishes!

What are we looking for in the athletes we train?  Well, you DON’T have to be an Ironman, or a super athlete.  Just simply someone who is ready to commit to some focused training and eager to be challenged.  Our coaches’ combination of personal experience racing and training, along with years of guiding other athletes through their training, allows them to apply that knowledge with beginner and seasoned triathletes.

We not only offer awesome group training, but also personalized individual training – for more details, check out our coaches’ profiles and individual coaching rates below, or contact us to talk with us about your training.  We’d love to hear from you!

Our Coaching Team